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Audica MicroSeries MicroLine Column Loudspeaker

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Audica MicroSeries MicroLine Column Loudspeaker
The Audica MICROseries offers a unique approach to elegant, discreet audio for corporate audio visual and background music installations such as restaurants, retail outlets, hotel public areas, boardrooms, meeting facilities, museums, visitor centres and hotel bedrooms.

Traditional design of loudspeakers for these applications has either been large boxes that give full-range audio, but which are inherently less attractive and more visible, or sub-sat systems that use tiny satellite loudspeakers for mid/high frequencies and a subwoofer for mid/bass. The main problem with sub-sat systems in public spaces is that people are often listening close to thin sounding satellites with the mid/bass rumbling away in the distance, disconnected in bringing the critical mid-band together for audio quality.

With MICROseries, Audica have designed the smallest possible loudspeakers to give high quality over a wide audio band so that, no matter where you are in the room, the sound from the main loudspeakers remains coherent and pleasing.

MICROseries consists of two ultra-compact wall-mount and one ceiling-mount ‘micro-spot’ loudspeaker which give wide-band audio so that, no matter where you are in the room, the sound from the main loudspeakers remains coherent and pleasing. Integral wire-through brackets are incorporated and aluminium castings and extrusions give quality, performance and allow for the products unique styling. The audio quality is outstanding for loudspeakers of this size and the frequency balance is well-maintained at all levels.

When a sub is required, an active solution is provided, with aesthetics matching the elegance of the full-range loudspeakers. Its low profile allows it to be wall or ceiling mount and easily hidden.

The Audica MICROseries - sounds as good as it looks.

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