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Sonus Faber Reveal Venere Range

Sonus Faber Reveal Venere Range

Sonus faber recently†announced the presentation of its new line Venere, its world premiere, at the Hong Kong 2012 exhibition. Created to be a point of reference even beyond its own category, it is characterized by a design that takes its inspiration from Aida (yet younger and more aggressive) and a sound that is vivid, immediate and ready to appeal to all.

The Venere line is made up of two floor-standing models (Venere 3.0 e 2.5), two bookshelf models (Venere 2.0†and 1.5 for which a specially dedicated stand was designed, the Venere stand), a central channel (Venere centre) and a wall-mounted model (Venere wall).

This group of 6 speakers was carefully designed in order to satisfy both the lovers of two channel listening as well as multi-channel or home theatre enthusiasts. It is therefore able to provide high level response to a wide range of requirements and for an even larger range of listeners, because well reproduced music continues to be a wealth for all.

Thus, for Sonus faber, the Mission of the ‘Venere Project’ was that of designing a family of speakers suited to all markets, ready for diverse distribution solutions, decidedly contemporary, with a competitive price compared to products offered by our best competitors but with the usual features of quality, style, performance and design that has always defined every musical instrument bearing the Sonus faber mark.

In the Venere family Sonus Faber†have considered the cornerstones of the history of the company, where tradition and innovation combine in a cabinet design inspired by the lyre shape of Aida, with a tilted top embellished by a sculpted element in tempered glass.

The double curve of its sides guarantees enormous structural strength and perfect control of the resonances generated by the drivers, just as the front positioning of the reflex conduct (elegantly veiled by the acoustic cloth) and the aerodynamic cabinet rear promote the versatility of use and ease of integration in the listening environment.

This element of ease can also be found in its piloting, so much so as to define these Musical instruments as eclectic, friendly, a good choice for anyone in all conditions.

In the tradition of Sonus faber, great attention has been given to the management of the acoustic signal, thanks to the implementation of bi-wiring terminals and the design of the crossover characterised by choices aimed at giving priority to a clean signal path and thus authentic music reproduction.

The drivers are entirely designed and developed by Sonus faber with the precious contribution of Joseph Szall, a true luminary in speakers and a constant member of the Technical Team of Sonus faber Labs.

In all models of the family the reproduction of the high range is given over to a 29mm tweeter with a soft dome in german DKM silk which ensures immense naturalness in emissions, exceptional dispersion and detail. The mid-low and low range frequencies are handled by speakers that have ‘free compression designed’ baskets and composite plastic Curv cones which guarantee uniformity in the tone and great speed and control.

The performance of all the drivers is enhanced by careful design and construction and through the unprecedented development of the front panel, which drives sound waves, and gives a lively and involving sound and perfect control of the emission phase thanks to the calibrated inclination of the front baffle.

To round off this meticulous aesthetic-functional creation we find the base in high rigidity tempered glass with adjustable aluminium feet for perfect placing.

Venere 2.5, Venere 1.5 and Venere center are available at present, while Venere 3.0, Venere 2.0 and Venere wall will be by the end of 2012.

The first available finishes are lacquered white, lacquered black and wood.

So how do they†sound?
Fresh, enveloping, tonally correct but immediately enthralling. A sound that surprises the occasional listener and at the same time fully satisfies the most shrewd audiophile. This is the incredible strength of the Venere Project, designed to be the best answer to the entry-level segment. Evolved to be a product without boundaries and ready to surprise everyone with its incredible ability to focus voices, its amplitude of the sound-stage and its amazing dynamics. All the choices made during the design process show their full effect when listening, surpassing even the most optimistic expectations. Speakers at the service of Music.

We currently have the Venere 2.5 in high gloss white on demonstration in our showroom if you would like to visit us for a listen.

Tue, 12 Feb 2013 07:50:50 GMT

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