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RipNAS Ripper, NAS & Windows Home Server

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RipNAS Ripper, NAS & Windows Home Server
RipNAS combines and perfects Audio CD ripping, Network Attached Storage and Media Streaming in one easy to use small box. Audio CDs are automatically ripped and stored losslessly and securely. The audio files are shared for streaming through the network to a multitude of network audio players available including Sonos, Linn, Squeezebox and many others. The RipNAS, running Microsoft Windows Home Server, is also a smart hub to connect, protect, share and store your photos, videos, music and important files.
The units are also pre-configured with AssetUPnP server, SqueezeCenter 7.x (SlimServer) and FireFly (an iTunes server).

With no fans whirring, it is near silent. The specially designed chassis is the cooling system. With fantastic looks, it will be happy anywhere in your home.

The RipNAS is designed to work with Sonos. Simply connect the unit to your Sonos / broadband network.

RipNAS with Linn
The RipNAS is designed to work with Linn DS systems. The RipNAS is pre-installed with AssetUPnP - an advanced UPnP server. AssetUPnP provides a rich UPnP Server with access to extended meta data information. This is ideal for classical music collection when you wish to find/browse your music collection by composer or soloist for example.

RipNAS Features
RipNAS is pre-configured to work right out of the box, no computer, keyboard, monitor or computer skills are required. Say goodbye to audio CD clutter and move your media into the convenience of the digital age.
RipNAS manages CD Ripping simply: Insert Audio CD, metadata is retrieved from 4 metadata providers (AMG, GD3, MusicBrainz, freedb) with quality album art, spelling mistakes are automatically corrected using PerfectMeta™. The CD is ripped using the respected dBpoweramp ripping engine to a lossless format of choice (FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless), audio files are automatically shared for streaming. Around 3-4 minutes later the CD is ejected, ready for the next disc.

Secure RipNAS models check ripped files for errors against AccurateRip, re-ripping the track if errors are detected and potentially recovering the error (scratches, etc).

Solid Foundation
The operating system behind RipNAS is Windows Home Server. This secure operating system is designed to be the centre of a digital home: easily access, store, share all your families digital media.

Windows PCs can be backed up automatically to RipNAS every night, allowing simple restoration of lost files or whole systems. Windows Home Server has been designed to be expandable in terms of storage capacity, software add-ins are also available.

RipNAS Extra Storage Box 3TB.
This adds an extra 3TB of storage to RipNAS. A maximum of 2 storage boxes can be used per RipNAS. Giving a maximum of 7TB!!! Storage boxes can be placed under RipNAS. Note image shows RipNAS and Storage box together, a storage box purchase does not include RipNAS.

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