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SAUK Systems

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SAUK (Stone Audio UK) Recommended Systems are Complete audio and home cinema systems, carefully assembled to give you the greatest sound/£. These systems were born to be put together and come with our highest recommendation.

If you are at all confused by high-end audio, home cinema or multi-room then this is the place to start. If you are looking for a complete system using components that are proven winners, then these system suggestions could inspire your decision. Choosing a complete system will of course also save you time and trouble.
Multi-Room Audio and HD Video Distribution System
Multi-Room Audio and HD Video Distribution System

This is one of the most popular multi-room system that we find ourselves specifying into both new-build homes and rennovation projects.

The system uses Sonos for Audio and a HDMI matrix delivering FULL HD 1080p quality to each television around the home.

So whether you want to sit on the terrace with a glass of wine enjoying the last of the evening sun whilst listening to the latest album or soak in the bath catching up on a missed episode of "Britains got Talent" this system gives you everything and all controlled from the convenience of your favourite smart phone and or tablet.

£ 29,702.00 *
£ 26,483.00 *
£ 16,827.00 *
£ 11,132.00 *
£ 5,695.00 *
* Only available for purchase in-store
High End 3D Projection Home Cinema System
High End 3D Projection Home Cinema System

Full HD 3D Projection home cinema designed for a dedicated cinema room. Experience both 3D and the convenience of the worlds finest movie server.

System Comprises of the following Components:

1. Sony VPL-VW90ES 3D Projector - £5250

2. Future Automation Projector Ceiling Mount System - £350

3. Beamax 10504 A-Velvet Fixed Projector Screen - £857

4. Ada Suite 7.1 HD Processor - £5280

5. Ada PTM-8150 8 Channel Power Amplifier (Bi-amp the centre Channel) - £4800

Availability Retail (inc. 20% VAT)
£ 26,005.00
Quantity / Units:
3D Projector Home Cinema System
3D Projector Home Cinema System

3D Projector Home Cinema System.

With the projector available in a white finish with a fantastic looking ceiling bracket and discrete in-ceiling projector screen this system is perfect for customers wanting this installed in a Living room or other dual purpose room.

System comprises of the following components:

1. JVC-DLA-X3 Projector (available in White or Black) - £3495
2. Future Automation PM-2 Projector Ceiling Bracket - £352

Availability Retail (inc. 20% VAT)
£ 8,531.00
Quantity / Units:
Full HD Projector Home Cinema System
Full HD Projector Home Cinema System

This Full-HD 1080P Blu-ray Home Cinema Projection System comprises of the following system components:

1. Sony VPL-HW20 Projector- £2195
2. Cinemax Pro CM-Pro Projector Ceiling Bracket - £96
3. Beamax 10251 Manual pull down 16:9 projector Screen 244x148cm (viewing area 234x132) - £255
4. Sony STR-DH820 Receiver - £285
5. Sony BDP-S380 Blu-ray Player - £129.95
6. KEF KHT1505 - £499.95
7. Qed HDMI-E 10m HDMI Cable (AV Receiver to Projector) - £114

Availability Retail (inc. 20% VAT)
£ 3,707.90
Quantity / Units:
Linn Majik Music System
Linn Majik Music System
Linn Majik 140 System

Full-blooded floorstanding speakers and the incredible versatility of a Linn network music player with built-in amplification - it's a killer combination. Let the Majik 140 System introduce you to the music you thought you knew well.

Majik 140 Speakers

It may be our entry-level floorstander but it has decades of class-leading speaker design behind it, all focused on getting you closer to the music.

£ 3,485.00 *
£ 4,295.00 *
* Only available for purchase in-store
Sonos Self Installation Multi-Room Bundles
Sonos Self Installation Multi-Room Bundles

Complete ready to install Sonos bundles! At least one CONNECT:AMP must be hard wired to your broadband router. If this isn't possible then simply add a Sonos BRIDGE to your order.

The system is supplied with a 30-day FREE trial of Napster (£10 per month thereafter).

If you require a slightly different system to the options shown below then please do give us a call and we can build you a bespoke system package.

Availability Retail (inc. 20% VAT)
£ 759.00
£ 1,518.00
£ 2,277.00
£ 3,036.00
Quantity / Units:
EAR HP4 & Grado Headphones
EAR HP4  &  Grado Headphones
Half price Grado headphones when purchased with EARs magnificent HP4 valve headphone amplifier.

1. Ear HP4 Valve Headphone Amplifier - £3609
2. Choice of Grado's RS1i, GS1000e or PS1000e Headphones

click for further info

Grado RS1i
click for further info

Grado GS1000i
click for further info

Grado PS1000e
click for further info

Availability Retail (inc. 20% VAT)
SAVE:†9.87%† (†£†5,062.95†) £†4,563.00 Special Offer!
SAVE:†7.35%† (†£†4,762.95†) £†4,413.00 Special Offer!
SAVE:†14.75%† (†£†5,763.00†) £†4,913.00 Special Offer!
Quantity / Units:
SpeakerCraft MZC-66 Multi-Room System
SpeakerCraft MZC-66 Multi-Room System
Package Contents:
1 x SpeakerCraft MZC-66 Multi-room System Controller
6 x Speakercraft MKP-1.1 master keypads (j-box)
6 x Speakercraft CRS 6 One in-ceiling loudspeakers (pair)
1 x Qed QX16/2 LSOH Loudspeaker cable 100M
1 x Qed QXCAT5E CAT 5 data cable (to cable keypads)

SpeakerCraft has designed a Multi-Zone Controller for six sources and six zones (rooms). On top of this we have added 6 pairs of in-ceiling loudspeakers and thrown in enough free data and loudspeaker cable to wire an average size 4 bed house.

Availability Retail (inc. 20% VAT)
£ 4,725.45
Quantity / Units:
StoneAudio Hi-Fi System Sub £6000
StoneAudio Hi-Fi System Sub £6000
Magneplanars are without question our favourite loudspeakers, however their demanding amplification requirements normally make them prohibitive. Magneplanars require a minimum of 100W per channel. Audiolabs latest 8200MB mono blocks rated at 250W are more than fit for purpose.

This system is all about squeezing the absolute maximum sound quality from the available budget. Using Audiolabs latest 8200CDQ CD player with built in volume control there is no need for an additional pre-amplifier to colour the sound. Using a single balanced interconnect between power amplifier and CD player gives a purity of sound that is very diffult to better at this or any price.

Availability Retail (inc. 20% VAT)
£ 5,999.99
Quantity / Units:

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