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Continuum Audio

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Continuum Audio
When a collaboration of like-minds, driven by a shared passion, combine their considerable knowledge, talents and resources with the desire to create something beyond the state-of-the-art, special things can happen. The ordinary constraints that normally limit most endeavours can suddenly disappear. The AIM FOR PERFECTION becomes the driving force, the only constraint.
Continuum Viper Tonearm
Continuum Viper Tonearm
Viper Tonearm: Minimal Mass, Maximum Rigidity

To many enthusiasts and experts, the Viper tonearm supplied with Obsidian might look impossibly massive. Once they lift it, they will immediately realize that not only is the Viper much lighter than it looks, it’s also much more rigid than other tonearms.

Why such a large tonearm? Because every percentage of increase in the width or height of a tonearm increases stiffness by nearly 8 percent. Clearly, the larger we could make it, the better. To keep the weight the same, we used material roughly as thick as (but much tougher than) an eggshell. To minimize resonances, we instructed our finite-element analysis (FEA) software to do the impossible: to achieve infinite stiffness with the lowest possible mass, and thus eliminate the resonances that can be detected only through sophisticated software tools … or through the ears of experienced listeners. The result is the contoured shape you see here.

£ 11,998.00 *
* Only available for purchase in-store
Continuum Obsidian Turntable
Continuum Obsidian Turntable

Obsidian is the latest result of Continuum Audio Labs’ decade-plus of research into turntable design. Following the launch of the Caliburn turntable in 2005, we have explored new areas of materials science, experimented with new mechanical ideas, developed new industrial designs, and recruited new experts to our team—all in the effort to bring the incomparable musicality of the Caliburn to a new generation of listeners, in an all-new design: Obsidian.

£ 44,998.00 *
£ 54,000.00 *
* Only available for purchase in-store

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