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John Rogers is the founding member of QR Design. Drawing upon over 40 years' experience in sound reproduction, he leads the company's research and development programme.

QR Design, part of the QR Group, was founded in 1989 to introduce new ideas and better solutions to problems relating to sound reproduction and which build upon the many excellent hi-fi products already on the market rather than to replace them. By incorporating in each hi-fi system, however modest, the appropriate products or modifications, the listener may effectively experience the original recorded performance in his listening room, with all the feeling of a 'live' occasion.

Ringmat Developments (founded 1992) is the manufacturing and marketing arm of the QR Group. "Ringmat Developments" has become a household name among music lovers around the world, owing to the success of RINGMAT, its flagship product in the field of LP record sound reproduction.
Ringmat Feet
Ringmat Feet
RINGMAT FEET control the mechanical and electrical vibrations which otherwise contaminate the sound quality of hi-fi and the sound and picture of audio visual systems. These are natural by-products of any hi-fi or audio visual setup, which cause loss of information and signal phase distortions.

RINGMAT FEET minimise the effect of vibrations where components are placed upon shelves or other forms of support, including many types of anti-vibration platform.

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Ringmat StatMat
Ringmat StatMat
The size and shape of a standard compact disc, STATMAT is simply placed on the CD in the tray. Unlike competitive products, no treatment of the disc itself is necessary. Moreover, its lightweight material ensures that the transport mechanism does not suffer from any additional weight.

Developed over five years by sister company QR Design - in collaboration with DNM Design - STATMAT is the brainchild of sound consultant John Rogers. He says: "CDs revolve at high speed in a dry, closed environment with relatively high temperatures. This causes a build-up of electrostatic fields which can distort the phase of the signal from the CD to the speakers. Such phase anomalies result in a degradation of the sound quality. STATMAT addresses this problem by evening out the low-voltage 'hot spots', ensuring that the reproduction is as true as possible to the original recording. " STATMAT is coated with a unique pattern of specially formulated conductive inks which level out the electrostatic fields around the CD, ensuring that the signal recreated by the digital circuitry is phase-correct before it is sent to the speakers. Therefore, as the signal suffers no phase distortion, the resultant sound is more vibrant, with an improved sense of timing and rhythm, clearer intonation and enhanced imaging.

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Ringmat Turntable Mat
Ringmat Turntable Mat
Ringmat Developments - The Essential Turntable Accessory!

Own a Linn LP12? Why not give one a try. They knock the spots of the standard felt mat.

Yes, on first impression it appears costly for just a turntable mat, however let your ears be the judge and you will be richly rewarded. The difference is quite breathtaking. The music oozes from the speakers and hits you in the face. A must try!

RINGMAT is a new method of record support and the first that has been properly

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