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darTZeel's true passion for music reproduction, which they have nurtured for 30 years, led them on a long quest to design audio machines that convey the emotions at the heart of a musical performance. This resulted in the long-awaited darTZeel product line. Their passion drove them to spend 16 years researching and developing every possible aspect of a new audio circuit, embodied in a completely new amplification approach. Music is not only a means for communicating and listening. Far more than this, for darTZeel, music is a powerful means of soul expression—even of spiritual development.
darTZeel NHB-108B Model Two Power Amplifier
darTZeel NHB-108B Model Two Power Amplifier
NHB-108 model two

Often envied, never equalled.
The NHB-108 is the ultimate dual-mono amplifier.
Get ready for an audio experience that you've Never Heard Before.

The NHB-108 was the first power amplifier designed and built by darTZeel.

The NHB-108 has earned legendary status among critics and music lovers alike. Its immediate success and multiple awards helped to quickly establish darTZeel in the premium market.

£ 39,998.00 *
* Only available for purchase in-store
DarTZeel NHB-468 (NHB468) Amplifier
DarTZeel NHB-468 (NHB468) Amplifier

Power, elegance and grace.
darTZeel's NHB-468 monoblock amplifiers represent the pinnacle of our range.
Travel faster than the speed of thought with the NHB-468.

The most powerful amplifiers ever developed by darTZeel.

NHB-468 monoblocks are the most powerful amplifiers ever designed and built by darTZeel. They are the culmination of nine years' research and development.

NHB-468 mono amplifiers retain all the musicality of the original signal. The NHB-468's immense power supply ensures that they can cover the full dynamic range, providing effortless delivery from a few milliwatts through to a whopping kilowatt of power.

Please call to arrange demonstration
DarTZeel LHC-208 (LHC208) Integrated Amplifier
DarTZeel LHC-208 (LHC208) Integrated Amplifier
DarTZeel introduced their new LHC-208 Integrated Streaming Amplifier that combines a 200wpc integrated amp with a network player. There are 4 analog and 6 digital inputs as well as a headphone amp and integrated TFT touch screen. The LHC-208 can handle up to 24/384 PCM and 2x DSD data.

DarTZeel LHC-208 integrated streaming amplifier darTZeel is proud to introduce its first integrated line amplifier with full digital streaming capabilities. Powerful, easy to use, extremely versatile, the darTZeel LHC-208 fills the gap between conventional DACs and integrated amplifiers available so far. Key features include: • Newly designed TFT tactile screen for intuitive, user-friendly operation. • 4 analog inputs. • 6 digital inputs. • Up to 352.8/24 and 2 x DSD<• Unique darTZeel Smart Clock system. • Special darTZeel cooling control. • Full HT bypass function. • Remote via computer or tablet. • Optional infrared remote control. • Headroom for additional features. • Full aluminium chassis. With its innovative design, darTZeel breaks the musical frontier of dematerialized music. Whatever the source format, the LHC-208 will treat, decode and play digital files as if they were purely analog.

£ 18,998.00 *
£ 3,500.00 *
* Only available for purchase in-store
darTZeel CTH-8550 MKII Integrated Amplifier
darTZeel CTH-8550 MKII Integrated Amplifier
darTZeel is proud to introduce the new CTH-8550 full featured integrated amplifier. This new product combines in one casing most of the good things musical lovers found in our flagship NHB series.

The CTH-8550 features newly designed power output stages which include on board regulated power supplies for a very compact global layout. This new circuit brings outstanding transparency, speed, yet delicacy, giving a maximum listening pleasure.

£ 25,000.00 *
£ 1,498.00 *
£ 998.00 *
* Only available for purchase in-store
darTZeel NHB-18NS Pre Amplifier
darTZeel NHB-18NS Pre Amplifier
The darTZeel NHB-18NS is the perfect partner of the NHB-108 model one.

One of the secrets of the darTZeel NHB-18NS can be found in two words: Passion and Love… The passion for sound and love of music. As for the rest, they just put in few electronics, a wee bit of mechanics, and a touch of appropriate software.

The NHB-18NS is a full battery powered machine. Two different operation modes can be chosen:

£ 39,998.00 *
£ 46,998.00 *
£ 43,000.00 *
£ 38,998.00 *
* Only available for purchase in-store

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