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QED Signature Revelation Pre-Term Speaker Cable

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QED Signature Revelation Pre-Term Speaker Cable
Signature Revelation

The award winning Signature Revelation is the little brother to the flagship 'Genesis Silver Spiral'

'Revelation' speaker cable lives up to its name and delivers unprecedented sonic performance at a price comfortably affordable by all Hi-Fi and home cinema enthusiasts. This cable is a miniaturized version of our flagship 'Genesis' cable and features Teflon dielectrics to maintain its low impedance.

Revelation is a completely new design from the QED laboratories. It utilizes the technologies of both Genesis and X-Tube cables and combines them in a new miniature format to bring high end cable philosophies to the mid range hifi market

This cable offers exceptional performance for its price through its use of carefully calculated X-Tube™ and Genesis Silver Spiral geometries which have the combined effect of reducing the overall impedance of the cable below that which would be expected of a traditional speaker cable of the same cross-sectional area.

Aircore Technology™ is completely effective in reducing the self-inductance of the cable to around half that expected of parallel conductors by calculation. Because of this conductor spacing can be increased to reduce capacitance without the extra inductance generated by this change causing audible problems in the cable performance.

Through the use of superior dielectric materials such as polyethylene and for the first time in a QED cable, clear Teflon insulation, the dissipation factor is kept extremely low - something that is the hallmark of a good sounding speaker cable.


Aircore™ Technology

QED cables above 2.5 mm2 cross sectional area utilize air core technology to obviate the skin effect by bundling several separately insulated smaller cores together to make up a larger CSA. If these conductors are arranged around a hollow central core of polyethylene the self inductance exhibited by the cable can be reduced to around half that predicted by calculation.

Ten silver plated 99.999% oxygen free copper central conductors of 19/0.1 mm
Deliver incredibly low resistance and detail

Features Teflon dielectrics to maintain its low impedance
Low constant dielectric materials such as Teflon have been used to cut down on the amount of audio signal energy lost due to cable capacitance
v Technical Specifications:-

Wire gauge - 16 AWG
Jacket OD - 5.00 mm
v Cross-sectional area - 1.50 mm²
Loop resistance - 0.020 Ω/m

Capacitance - 35 pF/m
Inductance - 0.52 µH/m

Dissipation factor - 0.0009
Recommended for high end bookshelf installations

Lifetime Guarantee

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