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Ada Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B Flagship Processor

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Ada Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B Flagship Processor
ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B Processor
Featuring Balanced Audio Outputs

The ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B is ADA's superior home cinema†controller/preamplifier. It features 8 HDMI inputs, 8 analog audio inputs, 8 digital audio input, and an 8 channel analog bypass input. There are also dual mirror HDMI outputs helping separate the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B from other preamplifiers on the market. While similar in design to the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV, the "B" version features balanced audio outputs.

The Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B decodes all the latest Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Audio Master and Multi-Channel PCM soundtracks found on Blu-ray DVDs. Just as HD video is noticeably better than regular DVD, these high-resolution (lossless) audio formats are dramatically better than regular 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. You really can hear the difference and will never want to watch or listen to regular DVDs ever again. In a word, the home cinema as experienced on the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV is fabulous.

The Cinema Rhapsody also has incredibly unique features that make it the only controller choice for many home theaters. In addition to featuring a simple to read and operate front panel control and its abundance of connection jacks, the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B incorporates two bass crossovers, one in the DSP and one in the analog domain. This makes it possible for the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B to work with full-range speakers, permitting them to play bass information while at the same time summing the bass of full-range channels with channels that are rolled off as well as the LFE (low frequency effects or ".1") channel. The subwoofer (speaker best designed to deliver bass) plays the bass from all channels simultaneously with the other speakers that are capable of delivering bass. With any other preamp, full range speakers would need to "roll-off" (not play bass) so that the subwoofer would play the bass. Not so with the Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B. Similar to providing a video loop facility so that one can incorporate the very best video processing, the Cinema Rhapsody makes it possible to incorporate the very best speakers into your system without compromising performance.

  • Dolby TrueHD & DTS HD Master Audio
  • Multi-Channel (192KHz/24 Bit) PCM Audio
  • Full 7.1 EX/ES, THX Ultra 2, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS Neo 6
  • 8 HDMI Inputs with HDMI Equalization Settings per input
  • 2 (Dual) Mirror HDMI Outputs with HDMI Equalization Settings
  • Parametric Multi-Band Equalizer
  • 8 Stereo Analog Audio Inputs
  • 6 Digital Audio Coaxial Inputs
  • 2 TOS-Link Optical Digital Audio Inputs
  • 8 Channel DVD Audio/SACD Input With Bass Filters
  • 8 Composite Video Inputs
  • 8 S-Video Inputs
  • 8 Component Video Inputs
  • Analog And Digital Audio Record Outputs (2nd Zone)
  • 2 Main And 2 Record (2nd Zone) Composite Video Outputs
  • 2 Main Component Video Outputs
  • Rear Panel Ethernet Connection (ADA Net)
  • 2 Programmable Low Voltage Output Triggers
  • 90-260Volts AC 50/60Hz 40 Watts
  • 23 lbs 3.5"H x 19"W x 17.5"D

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£ 8,400.00 *
£ 8,400.00 *
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