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The all new Devialet, comes in 3 sizes

The all new Devialet, comes in 3 sizes

We are excited to announce Devialet, the French company behind the magnificent sounding D-Premier amplifier, has just announced the addition of three new amplifier/DAC models, two of which now allow music listeners with smaller budgets to experience the magical Devialet sound.† The new models include the Devialet 110 (£4,495 / 110 Watts), the Devialet 170 (£6,495 / 170 Watts) and the Devialet 240 (£11,895 / 240 Watts).† Up until now Devialet has only had one product: the D-Premier. The D-Premier contained a cutting-edge class-A / Class-D hybrid amplifier and combined it with a digital to analogue converter and an all digital preamplifier section, amongst other features. The result wasn't just a convenient one box solution but one of the best sounding amplification products the world had ever heard; arguably one of the most relevant electronic components of the last decade, if not longer. The Devialet 240 will be the†new improved replacement for the D-Premier amplifier, †

For those of you who've never heard of Devialet, their first product, the D-Premier was heralded as one of the most influential pieces of Hi-Fi for its time, generating the most extraordinary review comments, such as:

"Devialet's D-Premier amplifier is the most extraordinary product I have reviewed for Stereophile. Superb sound quality, future-proof design, everything you need in one box - it is the epitome of what a high-end audio product should be. Wow!"

John Atkinson in Stereophile Magazine

Devialet’s breakthrough ADH (Analogue Digital Hybrid) double core technology and design promise unparalleled performance and guaranteed reliability.† All of the Devialet amplifiers combine pure analogue sound with smart digital power delivery –offering the best of both the analog and digital worlds.† Each new model utilises an advanced electronic circuit board with 2500 surface-mounted components made entirely in France, without any soldered wires.† Highlights of the board include USB and Ethernet inputs, ultra low jitter digital inputs, an advanced phono stage MM/MC, the ultimate DSP for room correction and digital active crossover, as well as a dynamic and ultra efficient power supply.

Devialet is the first high-performance audio system fully driven by software and with regular and free upgrades.† The software offers optimised signal processing algorithms and can be configured to your needs using a new online configurator.

The most interesting thing about these new amplifiers is Devialet's claim that the sound quality of each model is the same.† The main differences are inputs, features and power output (the model name indicates the power output per channel into 6 ohms). If this is true and you dont require the power output or features of the 240 or 170 then you can enjoy exactly the same sound quality from the 110 for a fraction of the price.

Given the world-class sound quality that the D-Premier produced, that's not something that the smart and cost-conscious audiophile should overlook.† It's no wonder that Devialet's new slogan is: "One day, everyone will own a Devialet."

Come and see this extraordinary range of amplifiers, arriving in our showroom over the coming weeks.

Tue, 14 May 2013 19:59:23 GMT

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